Welcome to Paintwithus

We have workshops every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday. Every workshop has a different painting style. We mostly use acrylic paintings during the workshops. The advantage of acrylic is its quick drying. Why is quick-drying important for us? Because at the end of the workshop you can take your own artwork home with you for yourself or as a gift to your friends. Ready to hang on the wall!

Our workshops take 2 to 3 hours. Depending on the painting and the medium. We also have watercolor painting,

wood painting, and mixed media.
Every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday workshop. A day workshop can also be arranged if there is sufficient demand.

Our motto is “you’re the artist here!” We aim to have a good time creatively. You can make amazing artworks,  absolutely no experience is required. Come and paint with us!

P.s.All materials included + 1 free drink


Workshops can be organized for children if there is sufficient demand. Let your kids be creative and have a good time with their friends!

1. Minimum 5 children required.

2. The Workshop can be organized at your preferred location or at our home studio located in the Pearl.

3. All materials are included.

4. Kids workshops take 2 hours.

5. The benefit of kids' workshops is that you can arrange your preferred time and location. It is perfect to have some time for yourself and at the same time make your kids create something.

If the workshop will be in our home studio located in the Pearl the fee is 150Qr pp. if the workshop will be in your location the fee is 200Qr pp.

Private/Group session painting course for Kids

1.Build your child’s imagination and let them see to think like an artist!

2.Painting courses can be private or in a group.

3.Private tutoring isn't just about having a good time only. Your kids will learn and develop the basics of painting.

4.1session(1 hour)private lesson: 200QR

5.6 session (6 hours)private lesson:1000QR

6.Group lessons vary according to the number of people. Ask the price.