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Art is my way to communicate with the world. Instead of a proper autobiography, I prefer to share with you 10 facts about me. At least 9 of them are true.

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  • I graduated from university with an economics degree. The problem is that I hate the economy.
  • I was a part-time painter full-time traveler. The problem is that now I cannot live without painting and It became my full-time job.
  • I have a beautiful dog. The problem is that veterinarians don’t accept paintings or drawings instead of money.
  • I love rainbows, the problem is you got to put up with the rain.
  • For 4 years I was a cat. The problem is to be a human being now.
  • My hobby is writing. The problem is it is hard to focus on it.
  • I’m an artist for the last 14 years. The problem is that it does not matter how experienced you are.
  • I was a student pilot. Problem is that I don’t like to wake up early.
  • My father thinks he’s an art director. I guess there is no need to explain what the problem is here.
  • I hate lies. This is a big problem.



1. I studied Labor Economics and Industrial Relations at the Istanbul University

2. Painting and Drawing at London Art College

3. Justice at Istanbul University

4. Writing at Yıldız Technical University

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